“Using Domo allows better visibility and connections between data, which leads our people to make more informed decisions.”

Jessica Davies

Head of Data and Insights

The Heart Foundation is the country’s leading not-for-profit dedicated to improving heart health through advocacy, health improvement initiatives, and education.



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Challenge: The Heart Foundation wanted to improve how it uses data to power its operations.

Solution: Thanks to Domo, the Heart Foundation is working towards a single source of truth it can use for insights across its many programs and initiatives.

Impact: Real-time dashboards and automated reporting allow teams to make data-driven decisions when evaluating progress.


The National Heart Foundation of Australia’s data driven approach to help improve heart health with Domo.

Around 4.5 million Australians live with cardiovascular disease, with coronary heart disease continuing to be the leading single cause of death in Australia — accounting for more than 17,500 deaths each year. As part of their mission to create an Australia that is one day free of heart disease, the National Heart Foundation of Australia (Heart Foundation) manages programs and initiatives designed to promote disease prevention and detection, funds lifesaving research and provides support for the millions of Australians at risk of developing or living with heart disease.

For more than 60 years, the Heart Foundation has played a central role in promoting heart health locally and nationally. By using Domo, the Heart Foundation can leverage its rich data to optimise fundraising for critical research, manage volunteers, and advocate for increased government resources. The Heart Foundation’s use of Domo adheres to strict data privacy and security standards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data. This commitment forms the backbone of the use of Domo, allowing the Heart Foundation to leverage technology while upholding its responsibility to protect private and sensitive information.


Using Domo allows better visibility and connections between data, which leads our people to make more informed decisions,” said Jessica Davies, Head of Data & Insights at the Heart Foundation.

Turning data into the lifeblood of business

Before Domo, the Heart Foundation knew it was capturing valuable data in its systems, but it had no easy way of converting that data into actionable insights.

From an internal review, we discovered that various business units were using distinct data sources to perform similar tasks and analysis,” Davies said. “We knew it would make a lot more sense to bring those data sources together so we could learn from each other and be more efficient in our activities.”

Thanks to Domo, employees at the Heart Foundation are gaining access to verified data sets from multiple sources that they can easily access through dashboards and automated reports. “People can now be proactive and self-sufficient with how they use data instead of solely relying on the Data and Insights team,” Davies said.


Maximising the impact of volunteers

The Heart Foundation’s dedicated professional team is backed by more than 2,000 volunteers across the country who work tirelessly to organise local walking groups, manage fundraising projects, engage in advocacy, and review research grant applications. The Heart Foundation manages volunteer data with the utmost respect for privacy and in compliance with data protection regulations. Using Domo, the Heart Foundation can easily manage and track its volunteer utilisation rates.

Each area of our organisation collects and stores their volunteer information in different ways. With Domo, we’re able to bring together volunteer data from across the country and different systems, giving our Volunteer Adviser greater visibility into our total volunteer pool,” Davies said. “We can then use that data to track the overall impact that our volunteers have on the organisation.”

The Volunteer Advisor also uses a dashboard in Domo to quickly filter volunteers by location and skills to find people to help with activities like mailing campaigns, local advocacy, or supporting a local walking event.


“Domo is a great starting point for reaching out to people and getting them engaged.” 

Jessica Davies | Head of Data and Insights


Opinions are personal and do not imply wider endorsement by the Heart Foundation. Results may vary for different organisations.

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