“Domo helped us start to look at data in a completely different way.” 

Florent Edouard

SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence

Grünenthal is a global leader in pain management and related diseases. The company is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with affiliates in 28 countries across Europe, Latin America, and the US.




Company Size

4,500 Employees

To enable success migrating from single channel promotion to omnichannel, Grunenthal needed a way of evaluating what new efforts work and which don’t in creating great customer experiences. The classic, “I know half my marketing is great and half isn’t, I just don’t know which half.”

Using Domo, Grünenthal can create a unified picture of all of its promotion and the resulting sales and uses econometric models to see their customers experience holistically and to see which sales and marketing efforts are working and which are not.  

Grünenthal teams at global and national level now know how much of their sales are driven by brand equity carryover vs. their marketing and sales efforts. They know where to focus those efforts to most improve patient outcomes. They have a capability in place to try new experiments and quickly evaluate them.


Grünenthal creates healthier customer relationships with Domo.

As a global leader in pain management, Grünenthal is on a mission to create and deliver life-changing medicines to more than 100 countries across Europe, the United States, and Latin America. To help it meet the needs of patients and caregivers with confidence, Grünenthal uses Domo to make critical decisions using data instead of relying on gut instinct or incomplete data sets.  


“My dream was to have a single dashboard that can tell me everything is fine, and if not, which areas I need to drill down to identify and solve problems.”

Florent Edouard | SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence


Improving customer understanding. 

Due to patient privacy regulations, the pharmaceutical industry lacks the customer data that other industries take for granted. “We don’t see prescriptions, so we don’t know what the customer is buying,” Edouard said. “That complicates everything you want to do with data.” 

Before Domo, the company struggled to know what customers were thinking about its products and marketing. “We couldn’t know if our strategies were being executed efficiently. We were flying blind,” Edouard said. “If you don’t know what is actually working, you tend to have a culture in which gut feeling drives decisions.”

In an effort to overcome its data challenges and change its culture, Grünenthal conducted a short pilot project around mixed media modeling with Domo to test its capability. Working with Domo’s team of data consultants, Grünenthal was able to launch a dashboard within two weeks, and do data science reveals in less than two months.  


“Domo helped us start to look at data in a completely different way,” Edouard said. “For example, we were able to discover that a specific activity was five times as helpful as other activities. The pilot gave us traction with executives and the analytics team to commit to data science in a significant way.” 

Based on the success of the pilot, Grünenthal has since rolled out a consistent set of advanced analytics and dashboards to offices across 19 different countries in under a year, putting insights into the hands of the people on the ground who are making decisions on a daily basis.  

Improving data science.

Working with the Domo team, Grünenthal set out to create a best-in-class data science operation. “They showed us models that we didn’t even know we could be doing. Now we have those models in place to help us look at our business and understand exactly what is driving our performance depending on our activities mix,” Edouard said. 

“Domo helped us centralize all the different data pockets across the business and collected them in a single area,” said Megan Reutin, Global Head of Data Science and Strategy at Grünenthal. “It was a problem before because all the individual markets have their own datasets. Individually at the market level, some of the insights were there, but when trying to look at things at a holistic level it became challenging.” 

Thanks to the data science enabled by Domo, Grünenthal can now better understand its customers around the world without having to know exactly who their customers are. “We work with customer cohorts and assign activities to different groups to understand which ones lead to better understanding of our products,” Edouard said. “Domo gives us the incremental visibility required to deliver a better customer experience.”


Edouard says that the culture has changed Grünenthal thanks to the ability of leaders to look at data seriously, knowing that it is governed and comes from a single source of truth. “Domo allows us to put numbers on the table and say, ‘If we do this instead of that, this is how much better we could be.’” 

Reutin says that Domo’s ability to act as a full data analytics stack meant that Grünenthal could more quickly get up to speed with its data science initiatives than if the company had to build its data tech stack in advance.  


“We can now plug in data sources from across our organization at the global, national, and sub-national level to empower individual markets to find value in the data. One of the good things about Domo is that it enables close collaboration between our teams across departments and markets.”

Megan Reutin | Global Head of Data Science and Strategy


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