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Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana is a nonprofit organization providing retail, commercial workplace initiatives, education, and industrial services.



Departments using Domo


The challenge. Limited Visibility | Manual Process

"My job without Domo would probably be more time chasing down information instead of actually getting to look at the information and analyze it."

— Tabitha Manross | Manager, BI & Enterprise Planning

The results.

"The other day my boss asked me to put together a graph of the last 52 weeks comparing our sales to our production. Before, that project probably would have taken me 20-30 hours. With Domo we were able to do it in two."

"Our directors are out four days a week traveling to different Goodwill locations, and before, they'd lug around stacks of different reports for all of the stores. Now they can pull up Domo on their iPhones and iPads."

"Before Domo, executives would get a report once a quarter that said we had something like 200 job placements. Nobody knew where they were placed, what industry they were in, what their wages were — Not only do we have all that in Domo now, but our executives can get those reports in real-time and drill down to get more information."

"There are a lot of other platforms out there, but at the end of the day, those solutions still need tech people to build reports. With Domo, I can just do a little training then let them loose to use Domo themselves."

The bottom line.

"From a nonprofit perspective, we have a lot of scrutiny from external funders and from people who donate to us. Domo allows us to demonstrate our value, and to demonstrate the impact that we’re making on the community, and to demonstrate that we are good stewards of their funding."

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