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"Embed made data accessible in a place where everyone was already comfortable."

Jenni Murer

Chief Information Officer, Gant

Gant Travel is a travel management company that specializes in facilitating corporate and group travel.


Professional Services

Domo Users

25/125k using embed

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BI, CEO/C-Suite, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, Other, Sales

Company Size

100 Employees

Challenge: Gant Travel needed to quickly provide pandemic-related information to its corporate travel customers.

Solution: Gant used Domo to create and share dashboards that combine employee itineraries with health information at their destination.

Impact: By improving their ability to provide duty of care, customers could make smarter decisions about how to keep employees safe.



Gant Travel pivots in the face of a pandemic thanks to Domo.

While the pandemic left no industry untouched, no one felt the impact more than the business travel industry. As its clients shifted to an everything-from-home world, corporate travel management company Gant Travel found itself switching its service on the fly from booking business travel to helping customers understand their travel commitments so they could make alternative arrangements.

“The information that we were used to having was not what our travelers needed,” said Jenni Murer, CIO at Gant. “Information like cancelations and waivers that were peripheral before now needed to be presented as urgent information.”

To get the information out quickly, the Gant team built cards in Domo that account managers could easily access and share with travel managers. Using Domo Embed, Gant was able to automatically surface these embedded dashboards to its 2,000+ travel managers using programmatic filtering. “Embed let us put different data points in there and made it accessible in a place where everyone was already comfortable,” Murer said.


Ensuring traveler safety everywhere.

After Gant got through the initial wave of cancellations due to COVID-19, the company realized that the disruption in corporate travel was something that would impact the company and its customers for many months. “It was time to go back to the whiteboard,” said Chad Seybold, VP of Accounts and Corporate Sales at Gant. “We really had to go back to look at the dashboards and reporting we had and redesign everything to meet the needs for traveling during and after COVID-19.”



Gant used Domo to collect and share data that allowed travel managers to provide duty of care. By knowing where all their employees are at any time, a customer can feel confident that they weren’t putting an employee in any danger. Gant also combined their data with Domo’s COVID-19 dashboards to give clients a real-time view of the health and safety of places where employees were scheduled to travel.


“By taking that COVID-19 data and laying it right over the itinerary, it allowed travel managers to see every aspect of travel for a trip, whether it was hotel or air, and what was happening that week.”

Chad Seybold | VP of Accounts and Corporate Sales


“This helped make decisions about if employees should work from home, come to the office, or stay in quarantine after a trip. Having the ability to bring those two areas of data together really did help our clients,” Seybold said.


Protecting employees and their data.

To protect sensitive traveler health information, Gant ensured access to all dashboards was permission-based so that only specific people at a client could access the data.



“As the security officer, I was incredibly aware of the fact that we were putting sensitive information out there. We needed it to be permission-based so that not just anybody who logs into the gateway at a certain company could have access to all this information,” Murer said. “Since everything was in the gateway already, we had the ability to make those logins very specific as to what you had access to, which we took advantage of.”


“I felt good about being able to do that in a nice, secure, safe way. So that was the feather in our cap; I felt like when it came to COVID-19, we did for our clients what they needed us to do.”

Jenni Murer | Chief Information Officer

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