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European Wax Center is one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands offering body waxing services and beauty products to reveal beautiful skin. European Wax Center currently has a franchise network with 600 locations and more than 8,000 associates.



Departments using Domo


The challenge. Limited Visibility | Zero Flexibility

"Before Domo we were looking at data in spreadsheets. Information was flat. We had a lot of operational reports that we’d pull from our point-of-sale system which was disparate and hard to bring together. Certainly no reconciliation."

— Bart Butler | Chief Information Officer

The results.

"One of the best Domo features is the flexibility to customize data. We can analyze performance of a given region or center by honing in on three or four specific sets of data and get information about adjusted sales, gross profit, and guest count."

David Willis | Chief Financial Officer

"Before Domo, we weren’t able to reach all of our associates with useful information. With Domo, we’re able to touch all seven thousand people in our network."

Bart Butler | Chief Information Officer

"You need to have data that’s visually stimulating, that provides the right information, and that can actually motivate action. Domo does that. It provides you with beautiful graphics of the data that you need to drive behavior."

David Coba | CEO and Co-founder

"Domo diligently customized an App to meet our needs. The beauty of the App is that Domo built it for us. It focuses on the stats we want to focus on."

David Coba | CEO and Co-founder

"My three favorite things about Domo is the mobility, the customization, and the way it looks. It’s a beautiful interface."

Rebecca Jones | Chief People Officer

The bottom line.

"The differentiating factor for us in choosing Domo was when they came onsite. Domo connected to our legacy data system within four or five minutes. They can really walk the talk."
Bart Butler | Chief Information Officer

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