“Domo has given us the confidence in keeping a pulse on customer issues.”

Douglas Kramon

Senior Director of Fan Support & Customer Care

ESPN, Inc., was established in 1979 and is the global leader in multimedia sports entertainment. Its portfolio includes 32 TV networks, 13 websites, 90+ broadband networks, 7 radio stations, and many other mobile apps and consumer products.



Departments using Domo


Challenge: Quickly aggregate customer comments to spot emerging issues with pay-per-view broadcasts—and identify which services are affected before those issues cause subscriber churn.

Solution: ESPN uses Domo to tap into viewer sentiment so it can maintain its reputation as the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Impact: ESPN’s entire customer care team now has access to real-time information, allowing it to make better decisions, on the fly.

Before Domo

ESPN delivers the world’s most loved sporting content to fans through a complex network of more than 500 TV content providers. The fan experience drives the ESPN business, and Douglas Kramon, Senior Director of Fan Support & Customer Care, knows that quickly spotting and resolving service quality issues is mission critical.

  • ESPN needed a way to quickly aggregate customer comments to spot emerging issues with access to ESPN–and identify which services were affected before it caused subscriber churn.
  • With a large and growing set of content distribution partners, he wanted to partner more closely with them and use data to engage them on improving service quality levels.
  • He wanted to increase convenience for fans by adding additional web, phone, text-based support channels. But a lack of visibility into existing activity was holding back adding these new implementations.



After Domo

Easy reporting

Now reports on service issues are available easily, and can be shared with whoever wants to see them. No more manual report creation; no more Excel and PowerPoint.

Real-time info

Sports are some of the most time-sensitive experiences in media. Before Domo, Douglas had to live with considerable data lag: weekly or monthly summaries of issues. Now he can see the data within moments of the kick-off.

Instant answers

Since customer satisfaction can drive subscription renewals or cancellations, Douglas often fielded ad-hoc questions from the executive team about overall system health. Now he can provide answers instantly through Domo.

Rapid detection

Big problems often look harmless in their early stages. But by using a Domo custom app that analyzed frequently-mentioned issues and compared them to historical data, the team at ESPN can get an early indicator of where attention is needed.

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