“Domo Everywhere is really powerful because it puts rich data back into the hands of the retailer.”

Adam Skinner

Chief Technology Officer, CitrusAd

CitrusAd provides a scalable, auction-based advertising platform to help e-commerce retailers drive revenue through sponsored product ads, banners and email ads.


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Challenge: CitrusAd needed a simple way to share data insights with employees, its retailer clients and their advertisers.

Solution: Domo gives every CitrusAd employee the ability to self-serve reporting, while Domo Everywhere lets CitrusAd provide retailers with their own self-service, white-label reporting and analytics platform.

Impact: Thanks to Domo, CitrusAd is able to put rich data into the hands of retailers and their customers.


CitrusAd delivers data to global retailers with Domo.

In the competitive world of e-commerce, placement is everything. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store where all the available products are on display, if your product doesn’t show up in the first few results of an e-store search it may as well not exist.



CitrusAd helps retailers incorporate an auction-based advertising platform into their e-commerce operations so that brands can more effectively advertise to customers as they browse and search. This not only helps brands gain the exposure they need to get added to the cart, but helps retailers further monetize their e-commerce operations.


From zero to insights in a month.

Founded in 2017, CitrusAd quickly grew to become a leader in the e-commerce retail advertising space, with all the scalability requirements that entails. For Adam Skinner, Chief Technology Officer at CitrusAd, the power of Domo lies in the fact that it provides his team with all the tools and technologies they need to work with data.

“We didn’t have to go find a visualization tool, an ETL tool, a cloud data warehouse, and spend all that money and effort integrating it all together. Domo has all of that at its disposal,” he said. “Using everything that’s inside Domo allows us to move a lot faster.”



Skinner estimates that, without Domo, it would have taken nearly six to twelve months to stand up a comparable solution, while CitrusAd started leveraging Domo in less than four weeks. “Our team is focused on extracting insights and value out of the data, instead of spending time working on the plumbing.”

With everyone at CitrusAd having access to Domo, the company is able to self-serve reporting and analytics to make faster decisions. As an international company with offices around the world, before Domo an urgent request would get sent during business hours in one country to the analytics team in Australia, where it might be the middle of the night. Now CitrusAd account managers can build their own visualizations on the fly without waiting or requiring a developer to build a custom extract.


“It’s been a leap forward. Account managers can now detect issues like a drop in revenue and take immediate action, as opposed to waiting for a report to come through 48 hours later.”

Adam Skinner | Chief Technology Officer


Empowering clients with Domo Everywhere.

To provide more value to retailers, CitrusAd uses Domo Everywhere to automatically create personalized reporting and analytics dashboards for each of its retailers and their advertisers.

“We see complete value in this because many of our clients don’t have an analytics or reporting team,” said Skinner. “Domo Everywhere provides them insight into how campaigns are going, which is immensely valuable to both the retailer and the brands that advertise with them.”



With Domo Everywhere, CitrusAd provides each retailer with a self-service, white-labeled dedicated platform that is synced in real time with CitrusAd’s Domo instance. Advertisers can then slice and dice ad performance data down to granular levels so they can optimize their return on ad spend. The platform also makes it easy for the retailer to optimize where the best placements are on their e-commerce sites to maximize revenue.

Without Domo Everywhere, Skinner says that retailers would only be able to get this information with great difficulty through custom extracts into their own platforms for analysis. Retailers can now use Domo Everywhere to automatically access the data, or easily schedule daily reports to automatically sync data if they have their own Domo instance or other analytical platform. “Domo Everywhere is really powerful because it puts rich data back into the hands of the retailer,” he said.


“Domo is always going to be our single source of truth from a reporting sense.”

Adam Skinner | Chief Technology Officer


With Domo Everywhere, CitrusAd is able to extend that single source of truth to its clients, creating a significant business opportunity moving forward.

“BI and analytics, and how we can provide insights back to the retailers, are going to be a big part of our business going forward.”

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