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Apria is a leader in home respiratory services and certain medical devices, including oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies, sleep apnea treatment and negative pressure wound therapy. Apria owns and operates more than 400 locations throughout the United States.


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IT, Sales

The challenge. Limited Visibility | No Real-Time Data

"Our biggest challenge before Domo was disparate data, and we struggled with sales visibility. We would get sales data a month and a half after the sale had occurred, and we didn’t get it across the dimensions that we needed to get a real view of our business."

— Jim Slagle | Sr. Director, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

The results.

"We’re focused on actionable data. Not just nice to have, feel good data, but data that can drive results and has some inherent accountability to it. We get that data with Domo."

"Domo has shined a light on where business is coming from and if we’re selling to the right channels, and that absolutely drives results. It’s tough to quantify that in dollars, but we’re doing a lot better versus plan than we’ve done in the past."

"The unforeseen benefit of Domo is that is forced us to look at our downstream data and understand other elements of sales that we could could push forward and make visible. We provide that data to our leaders through the Domo platform, so they can make better decisions."

"Domo saves us from doubt. We don’t have to question where the data is coming from and if it is accurate. We’ve taken the manual processes out of it, and now we can focus on results. That’s been a tremendous cultural shift."

"Domo is transparent, unified, real-time data, in the hands of the people who can use it."

The bottom line.

Domo has changed the way we meet and discuss sales. There probably isn’t a sales meeting that happens at Apria without Domo. We’ve gone from a siloed, disparate data environment to one unified version of the truth.
Jim Slagle | Sr. Director, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

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