Business intelligence and analytics software is one of the most visible pieces of the technology stack. While data warehouses, data lakes, lake houses, and various data integration and data intelligence software form the foundation of an organization’s data and analytics technology architecture, it is BI and analytics software that everyone from executives and front-line workers to data analysts and business analysts, need to interact with daily to enable data-driven decision making and improve enterprise intelligence. 

Do you know what it takes to put data to work for everyone in your organization?

Find out when Rayann Anderson Sr. Practice Consultant at Domo and featured guest Dan Vessett, Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management at IDC detail how to think about the space and what strategies and capabilities matter most. Join us as we explore key learnings and takeaways from the 2022 IDC MarketScape report for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

You’ll learn:

  • IDC’s findings from their evaluation of 16 business intelligence and analytics software platform vendors
  • What criteria buyers found to be the most influential as they seek to enable data-driven or data- informed decision making
  • Ways to improve scalability, performance, and AI/ML-based automation and interactivity, along with greater penetration of BI and analytics software within your organization
  • Why Domo is positioned in the Leaders category for U.S. business intelligence and analytics platforms

What to consider when evaluating & selecting BI and analytics software

September 20, 2022 | 1 PM ET