What does it take for a company to foster a sense of community around data in today’s complex and fast-moving business environment? What are the most common blockers? And what do organizations need to anticipate in order to reap the rewards of modern, self-service BI?

Find out March 9, when Chris Lewis, CrowdStrike’s senior manager of applications, joins Suyesh Karki, Domo’s chief information security officer, for a webinar that will not only provide answers to those questions, but shine a light on what a modern, self-service BI transformation truly looks like.

Tune in as the two IT specialists delve into CrowdStrike’s remarkable revamp by exploring how the cybersecurity juggernaut:

  • Improved access to data from top to bottom—on an astronomical scale, in a matter of weeks—to meet its need for business speed
  • Masterfully supported its hybrid workforce and accommodated different levels of data maturity
  • Operationalized Domo, which in turn has created a culture of collaboration and data curiosity that is uncovering new business opportunities

Lessons from CrowdStrike’s Self-Service BI Transformation

March 9, 2022 | 1 PM ET