Data communications will make or break your data literacy efforts. But solving for this is as much a software challenge as it is a people and culture challenge. How do you balance the need to deliver technology solutions for the business and gain the user adoption needed to make it all work?

Join us on November 9 for a discussion with Mohammed Aaser, Chief Data Officer at Domo and guest speaker Kim Herrington, Senior Analyst at Forrester as they explore how technology executives with data and insights responsibilities can reevaluate how their teams communicate and create a more insights-driven business.

Tune into this insightful conversation to learn:

  • Practical ways to address the common people problems and tool problems that stifle widespread adoption of data
  • How to seek, solicit, speak to information more effectively with different groups within your organization
  • How Domo helps transform business by eliminating many of the challenges of putting data to work for everyone

How to ignite insight-driven decision-making across your business

November 9, 2022 | 1 PM ET