Seventy eight percent of CFOs have labeled BI and analytics as their top tech initiative within their departments. Cozy Earth, a luxury lifestyle retail company, used Domo to as a major driver for 20x growth in three years.

Join us on October 26, as Tanner Lamb, Chief Financial Officer at Cozy Earth, speaks alongside Domo’s Bruce Felt, Chief Financial Officer, Catherine Wong, Chief Operating Officer, and Collin Mechler, Director of Practice Leads, to showcase how Cozy Earth accurately forecasts inventory to ensure valuable cash isn’t tied up in products that won’t sell.


  • How Cozy Earth combined sales, marketing, and logistics data to improve forecasts and maximize revenue
  • Strategies they used to give business users immediate access to a more complete financial picture, saving time and manual effort and accelerating the pace of business
  • What they did to build these innovations into business processes, cementing their impact on the bottom line

How Cozy Earth Leverages Data to Optimize Growth

October 26, 2022 | 1 PM ET