Unleash the Combined Power of Domo and Snowflake

Discover how the Domo and Snowflake partnership amplifies your cloud data strategy. This integration elevates data agility and intelligence, enabling you to harness the full potential of Snowflake’s Data Cloud alongside Domo’s powerful business intelligence tools.

Empower Your Data with Cloud Amplifier Integrations

Streamline your workflows with our cloud amplifier integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity and scalability. By leveraging the strength of Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Domo amplifies your ability to manage large datasets effortlessly, allowing for real-time insights without compromising on performance.

Revolutionize ETL with Pushdown SQL in Magic ETL

Transform your data at lightning speed using Domo’s Magic ETL with Snowflake’s pushdown SQL capabilities. By executing transformations directly within Snowflake, you optimize processing efficiency, reduce time-to-insight, and minimize resource consumption, all while maintaining the granularity of control you need.

Drive Impactful Business Outcomes with Low-Code Apps

Create, iterate, and deploy business applications with unprecedented speed using Domo’s low-code app development platform. Empower decision-makers and teams across your organization with custom apps that turn insights into action. From dashboard creation to automated alerts and AI services, Domo’s intuitive interface makes it accessible for anyone to build powerful apps that drive business forward.

Better Together

Domo’s native Snowflake integration unlocks the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud. It creates the flexibility and speed business users need, with the security and governance that IT values. It overcomes challenges that can delay or impair the effective business impact of data.

  • Faster decisions: Cloud Amplifier puts low-code and pro-code tools in the hands of business users and their data specialists, so they can make decisions while they’re relevant.
  • Single source of truth: Unite data across your entire ecosystem for a single source of truth, boost organizational agility, and enable everyone to add value with data-driven insights at scale.
  • Business and IT synergy: Vocabularies, tools, and preferences between IT administrators and business users vary—and they can be difficult to communicate across departments. With Cloud Amplifier, business users can connect, transform, and use data quickly, while still maintaining IT’s need for security and governance.
  • Flexibility and control: Connect to all your data sources, including third-party reports and databases, social media feeds, custom user spreadsheets, and more. Cloud Amplifier connects with the Snowflake foundation, securely and under IT governance.

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Domo + Snowflake

April 20, 2024