Is your marketing working? Only data holds the answer. But enabling the data to drive decision-making and action—two key components of next-gen BI—is often easier said than done. Some companies have figured it out, though. And Stelter is one of them. How did this innovative integrated marketing agency do it?

Find out, when Kelly Tagtow, Stelter’s analytics and digital strategy director, fields that question and others alongside Chris Haleua, Domo’s product management director. Tune in as the two data experts talk specifically about the power of modern data experiences—and especially about the ones that have empowered Stelter to help more than 1,200 nonprofits better address an eternal fundraiser demand (leads) and build external data relationships at scale.

Domo’s revolutionary embedded analytics solution, Domo Everywhere, is at the heart of those modern data experiences—which means you’ll also learn about a profound piece of technology that allows Stelter to do so much, including:

  • Connect and combine disparate systems and data sources
  • Categorize leads by understanding who is engaged, how they interacted, and what interests them most
  • Discern campaign performance and trends over time
  • Automate external reporting to its robust client base

Creating modern data experiences that help your customers succeed

August 10, 2022 | 1 PM ET