Just as data can be the key to unlocking a company’s potential internally, it is often the foundation for improving performance with external stakeholders as well. But far too often, companies are using outdated methods to share data with external partners, customers, suppliers, and vendors that result in incomplete or old information that can hurt relationships.

What does it take to modernize external data sharing and build valuable data relationships with your customers and partners?

Find out when Woods Denny, Vice President of BI, Data Science and Data Engineering at BacklotCars and Dan Hendriksen, GM of Domo Everywhere at Domo, discuss how a small but mighty team at BacklotCars is using Domo to create game-changing efficiencies inside the organization and deliver secure and governed data experiences to thousands of external users.

Tune in as we discuss how to put data to work for everyone, including:

  • Strategies for removing the hurdles and siloes associated with large data & analytics projects
  • Recommendations on the best kinds of data to share with your partners
  • Tips for managing successful external data relationships
  • How the team at BacklotCars got started and eventually changed the game with Domo

How an automotive marketplace builds valuable data relationships with its massive network of partners

September 7, 2022 | 1 PM ET