Stay connected when the unexpected happens.

Domo’s Safe Worker App allows you to stay in touch with your employees during emergency situations, see employee status, and communicate updates.

Make sure your people are safe.

Every employee can access the Safe Worker App right from their phones, so they can quickly report on their current status, location, and any health concerns, such as temperature or symptoms of illness. You can customize what questions you ask employees, and they never have to share information they’re not comfortable sharing.

Communicate important messages.

You can broadcast messages to your employee base right within the app, including important safety messages, emergency contingency plans, and company guidelines to help them navigate new situations that arise.

Visualize your employee’s status.

See where your employees are located with an interactive map so you can determine if their safety is at risk. You can also see which employees have checked in for work each day—whether they’re at home or in the office—and quickly respond to any employee health and safety issues that need attention.

Domo's Get Back to Work Solution

Domo’s Get Back to Work Solution includes eight apps to ensure employee safety and business continuity.

Command Center App Icon

Command Center App

One stop to track and monitor your return to work.

Safe Worker App Icon

Safe Worker App

Stay connected and keep employees informed.

Contact Tracing App Icon

Contact Tracing App

Track potential exposures.

Powered by the Domo Business Cloud.

Domo’s all-in-one data platform can help you to better integrate, interpret and use data to drive informed decision making across your business.

Data Integration

Solve back-end integration of any data, at cloud scale, without moving it anywhere.

BI & Analytics

Put well-governed analytics into the hands of every line of business: Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR and more.

Intelligent Apps

Modernize any business process at unbelievable speed with custom apps built on Domo.

Embedded Analytics

Seamlessly share data outside the walls of your organization with Domo Everywhere, Domo's embedded analytics solution.