Protect your people with exposure tracking and prevention.

Domo’s Contact Tracing App helps you to maintain a safe work environment and manage the risk of disease transmission in your work facilities, giving you and your employees confidence that everyone is protected.

Put contact tracing into action.

Contact tracing is a key strategy for helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whether you already have measures in place or if you’re starting from the ground up, Domo’s Contact Tracing App can help you with your approach to trace and monitor infected people and their contacts.

  • Implement as a turnkey, no-hardware solution with building access management, incident reporting, and response management.
  • Integrate with your existing badge-in systems.
  • Enhance onsite location tracking with badge and beacon hardware for more granular views.

Respond quickly to potential exposures.

Employees can report their health status and any potential risks right from their phones. When an employee reports that they may be a risk or comes to your entrance with a fever, you automatically get an alert. You can then drill into the incident to see automated trace reports and get a visual representation of the potential exposure.

Identify risks to employees.

See which facilities an exposed employee has visited, and even get a list of employees who have been in the same areas. And with proximity detection, you can follow interaction patterns for any employee throughout your facilities. You can even connect to your corporate travel systems so you can correlate recent travel with new outbreaks.

Take decisive action.

Based on the data in the app, you can make fast, informed decisions to keep everyone safe:

  • Notify employees who may be impacted by a colleague who has been exposed and communicate next steps.
  • See hotspots of activity so you can deploy sterilization to areas of greatest risk.
  • Keep employees updated on any incidents and directions for mitigation.

Domo's Get Back to Work Solution

Domo’s Get Back to Work Solution includes eight apps to ensure employee safety and business continuity.

Command Center App Icon

Command Center App

One stop to track and monitor your return to work.

Safe Worker App Icon

Safe Worker App

Stay connected and keep employees informed.

Contact Tracing App Icon

Contact Tracing App

Track potential exposures.

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