Domo University Newsletter

September 2019 Now with Instructor-Led Trainings

We’ve added the ability for you to register for our public courses. Visit and click on “Learn In-Person or Virtually.”

We have the following instructor-led options:

  • Private in-person
  • Private Virtual
  • Public in-person (Domo Immersion)
  • Public Virtual

Upcoming Live Events


Domo University launched a new video series called #iSolveditwithDomo. There are some really great tips and tricks out there! Watch the videos on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe so you get notified when new solutions are added.

The links to the solution guides can be found in the video description or at

Plus, if you want to share your own #iSolveditwithDomo video, you can learn how here. Top solutions will be promoted on Domo’s YouTube channel and will receive special recognition at Domopalooza 2019, as well as earning Dojo bonus points to elevate your rank in the Dojo Community!

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