Business Intelligence and Data Platform for the UK Public Sector

Who are we

Domo enables confident & effortless decision making for every organisation. The solution is a modern cloud data platform to get better insight to all of your data.

The public sector needs more than just another visualisation tool to build a data culture that spans agencies and Domo has enabled central, regional and local governments to get insight from all of their data. Whether your insight requirements are for several or thousands of users; open data for departments or regions; or billions of rows of data, Domo scales.

How we help government

Domo (UK G-Cloud accredited) is designed to make it easy to solve problems and drive decisions with data in three steps: connect and transform; visualise and analyse; and extend. All of the components needed to take action on data are included.

Domo offers the only scalable cloud solution on G-Cloud that combines over 800 data connectors with data integration, real-time reporting, alerting, AI-driven predictive insights, zero effort mobile app and a low code development framework to take action on insights. It offers BI leverage at cloud scale in record time.

Government authorities can now enhance and extend existing technology investments. Every user can now get a grip on data to serve the community, whether public facing, running administrative functions, policy or technical work.

Performance Management

Government faces a unique challenge of complex measures of performance across a range of services. Getting up-to-date data from the many systems and data sources government depends on is simple using Domo’s integrated connector, integration and storage.

Domo can get data from the systems landscape as diverse as the activities and policies government is responsible for. Robust dashboard and analysis tools provide a user experience that delights.

Improve Collaboration

Modern government relies on collaboration across portfolios to deliver coordinated, integrated policy and delivery that supports the community. Stopping bad actors and helping those in our community who most need support can only be achieved when government has visibility and insight from diverse sources, hindered by legacy technology and on-premise architecture designed for a simpler time.

Domo removes the walls between departments and aids collaboration avoiding duplicated effort, out-of-date and out-of-sync information, while putting discussion and sharing at the heart of how decisions are made.

Public Sector Innovation

Innovation is about balancing between great ideas that deliver for the community and reducing risk of wasting taxpayer money. Successful innovation comes from enabling a range of users to gain insight and collaborate.

Domo helps you get a grip on your data and empower every type of data user immediately. It removes the bottleneck of systems designed exclusively for analysts, which limits where expertise can be drawn from. So you can reduce the dependence on legacy systems and data silos, and speed the time to insight that makes informed innovation possible.

Big Data Without the Drawback

Too many agencies have experienced expensive big data projects that fail to deliver value quickly, require expensive teams to run and fail to keep pace with evolving questions. Domo is a cloud based big data offering that can start small, delivers record time-to-value at cloud scale.

Domo customers have trillions of rows of data made available to thousands of users. We process over 100TB of data per day with 99% sub-second query response time. You can deliver value on any and all of the data for insight rather than having to factor in dreaded ‘Big Data’ project resources and planning.

Connect from 1000s of data sources in minutes via the Domo Appstore. Easy to deploy frequent and scheduled updates

Connect and Transform

Domo puts all of your data to work with the broadest, most flexible array of data connection options. One source of truth, with data continuously updated and integrated. With over 800 pre-built connectors and many more ways to connect to your data, Domo eliminates time-consuming and costly engineering projects to source data. Integrated data-transformation tools help visualise and build data flows that run as often as your data updates and decisions demand.

Visualise and Analyse

Go from raw data to visualisations in minutes. Create charts, graphs, and other visualisations of your data with just a few clicks connected directly to all your data. End users can enhance data at the visual layer with Beast Mode, and flexible stories combine cards, dynamic text, and files in a dashboard to tell a powerful story about your data. Insights are delivered proactively through alerts, and machine learning driven automated insights can allow you to see what’s next.

Build Apps and Extend

Domo provides a platform that doesn’t require additional hardware or infrastructure to build processes, workflows and actions to your exacting requirements. Non-proprietary language means you can leverage widely available skills to join organisations with custom Domo Apps used by 10,000’s of users daily that scale and leverage all of your data.

Secure & Governed

Domo gives IT teams total control over all of your systems, all of your data, and access for all of your people in a unique, real-time View of log data. You can choose how and what users can access, and granular permissioning protects your data.

Innovation is balanced with trust through enterprise-wide and departmental certifications to give confidence to users without stifling a self-service data culture.

Commitment to Data Protection

Domo’s customers operate in highly secure and regulated industries including Life Sciences, Government, Healthcare, and Financial Services. To ensure the requirements of customers and regulators are fulfilled, Domo completes numerous audits, assessments and compliance requirements. You are in good company with over 20% of the Fortune 50 trusting Domo with their data.

You can be confident your data is secure as Domo is ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 certified, two of the most widely accepted and recognised international standards for information security management.