Goal management for the data-driven business.

Focus. Align. Track. Evaluate.

Align everyone around strategic goals, insights, and actions in real-time.

Set your strategy.

Set the vision and strategy by creating and promoting clear and measurable goals.

Align your team.

Align individual efforts and foster collaboration around the highest priorities of the business.

Grow your business.

Increase business performance with real-time insights into the progress and impact of your goals.

Easily set and align strategic goals with your team.

Single source of truth for your goals. Set personal, team, and company goals in a simple and accessible system.

Total alignment. Link and align top-down strategic plans with bottom-up initiatives and tactics.

Connect any metric to any goal. Measure qualitative and quantitative metrics based on live Domo data, third-party systems, or manual entry.

Track progress in real-time while keeping the big picture in sight.

At-a-glance insights. Monitor progress and achievement of your goals to address challenges and celebrate wins.

Real-time feedback. Leverage native collaboration tools and check-in features to promote dialogue and facilitate business reviews.

Measurable outcomes. Whatever your goals methodology, build custom management dashboards to evaluate impact.

Goals powered by Domo.

Meet and exceed your goals with the power of Domo’s low-code data app platform.

Integrate data, wherever it lives.

1,000+ connectors to track any goal using the data and metrics that matter most.

Accelerate goals with analytics.

Analytics built natively on Domo for fully customizable reporting.

An end-to-end intuitive experience.

Distribute goal tracking through intuitive web and mobile apps.

Focus. Align. Track. Evaluate.

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