/ Your dentist will see you now: Domo builds customer satisfaction at Dntl Bar

All dental service providers try to minimize patient wait time—it’s a persistent problem, and nobody likes to wait. For Dntl Bar, it’s a make-or-break issue since our value proposition is quality and convenience. When we see one of our clinics underperforming or outperforming the others in customer wait time, we use Domo to find out why. That way, we can either solve the problem or socialize a new best practice across our network.

Use Case

Here’s how we do it. Our dental Practice Management Software logs each stage of our patients’ appointment journeys from workstations located at check-in, consultation, imaging, procedure rooms, surgery, and so on. Along with patient and clinical information, the stations capture time in, time out, and the attending staff member. That’s all the information we need to do really valuable analysis: 

  • Check-in quality control: which data fields are most frequently missing or incorrect; which staff members are fastest, slowest, most accurate, or most prone to error? 
  • Wait time analysis: how are we performing vs. our targets; which stages of the patient workflow are the bottlenecks? 
  • Root causes: how does wait time vary by day of the week, time of day, clinic, or staff member at the desk?


This kind of information is unavailable from even the best Practice Management System, but it’s absolutely invaluable in the operation of our business. We can generate heat maps for quick impressions, use factor analysis for a deep dive, and monitor the success of our efforts to improve performance.

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