/ Yikes—Marketers’ Relationship with Data Is Only a B-

Marketers have an incredible array of data sources—so it’s no wonder that they deal with data fatigue. In Domo’s Data-Driven Marketing Survey Report, we asked the marketers responsible for various platforms how often they check the data. Here’s a graph of their responses:

marketers relationship with data

Even those with business intelligence solutions aren’t making the time to check to it daily. It’s not because the information isn’t valuable on a daily basis. It’s because there’s too much to see. That’s why marketers also rated their relationship with data at only a B-minus—a rather low score for the perennially positive department.

The survey report also covers what marketers find to be most valuable, what they want and how they use what they have to make their data more valuable. You can see the full report, here.

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