/ Why User Experience Makes All the Difference in Your BI Tools

One of our sales guys was giving a special demo of Domo’s product to a CFO and a BI analyst. During the presentation, the BI analyst asked our representative why their company should switch to Domo instead of continuing with their current solution.

Before the BI analyst could respond, the CFO jumped in and said,

“I’ll tell you why Domo is better than [the other guys]: With [our current solution] we could spend another 500 hours getting better reports or looking at new features, but those reports are still difficult to use and manipulate and drill down on. And if it’s difficult, I won’t use it. And I don’t use it today. With Domo, I can pull up and use these reports immediately and drill down and get the answers I’m looking for. So because of that, I will use it. That’s the difference.”

And there you have it.

There are lots of BI solutions out there that can connect to a few popular data sources, help you organize your data or even provide a decent level of customized reporting.

But the vast majority of them are counterintuitive (not to mention ugly as sin) to the average business user. And if the user experience isn’t amazing, then you won’t use it. You end up paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for one unsightly screensaver.

The reason our customers are excited about Domo is that it the product is simple to use. Business leaders no longer have to lug around their digital machete to cut through all the clutter when hunting down their data. Everything is one place and you can “manipulate and drill down on” the data relevant to the heart of your issue.

In short, don’t let yourself be talked into using any BI tool that you only kind of enjoy using, because that defeats the whole purpose of a business intelligence solution.

If you’d like, you can request a video demo of how Domo works and see for yourself how simple and easy it is to navigate.

Domo has cracked the code of making business intelligence both accessible and indisputably simple for any person at any level to manage. That’s why our customers love Domo.


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