/ Why it’s critical for companies to enable curiosity

As COVID-19 has progressed, the need for organizations to be able to quickly access and analyze data has undoubtedly increased. In the process, organizations have also become more attuned to the benefits of a curious workforce. And the reason is simple: Only curious minds can come up with solutions to unprecedented problems.

So, the question becomes this: How can organizations enable curiosity?

At Domo, we believe it comes down to having the ability to do four things: seamlessly pull all your data together (including siloed, “dark data” that generally doesn’t get used); access that data from anywhere; make sense of that data; and arrive at informed decisions, fast. Which is why those capabilities have always guided the development and enhancement of the Domo platform.

All organizations during the pandemic have been faced with really tough questions—e.g. How will this situation impact revenue projections? How will employee anxiety impact their productivity? What length of Zoom meeting is optimal for business performance?—but many have been unable to answer them.

Enterprises equipped to respond, however, are like the ones represented in the short video below: comprised of individuals with a genuine interest in pushing boundaries and bucking convention, all to the purpose of getting to a place where it’s easier to move forward and weather the next series of disruptions.

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