/ Why every organization needs this guide to reopening

Six months into the first global pandemic of the modern era, we have learned what may prove to be one of the most important lessons of our generation: In healthcare crises like the one we face today, data is just as powerful a tool as any therapeutic or vaccine.

Employees need to know if they are infected as early as possible, which means leaders at all levels of your organization need reliable, data-driven processes and tools at their fingertips to protect the workforce from each possible exposure.

As a data company, Domo can help. But safely reopening your workplace requires more than putting your data to work. It requires tackling some big questions first, such as: Where do we start? What needs to change in order to do it? And what are the consequences of getting it wrong?

Domo CEO Josh James delved into that component during last month’s Future of Work webinar with Fortune magazine. But even he would admit that what was covered over the course of that compelling, 60-minute discussion with other business leaders is just the tip of the iceberg on this subject.

What everyone truly needs is a comprehensive guide that addresses every step in the all-important process of reactivating your workforce.

So, that’s what we’ve created.

Called How to Safely Reopen the Workplace, the manual is 26 pages of information critical to each stage of the journey. Because the simple truth is this: The more we embrace a strategy that democratizes the data that employers and employees need to feel safe, the better the outcomes will be for health, employee engagement, productivity, and, ultimately, the bottom line of the company.

Indeed, whether an office or a factory, a retail outlet or a service provider, building trust between employee and employer has never been more important—and any data strategy not built from the ground up to do just that will fall short of the moment in which we find ourselves.

As the preface of the guide states, Domo was founded on the belief that more access to data results in better, more effective decisions. We have built Get Back To Work solutions to allow that belief to empower companies to do right by their employees.

These are tough times, but we’ve learned in the last six months that they are not beyond our scope. We’re all capable of wearing a mask and keeping our distance. We’ve got supremely intelligent people working on a vaccine. And testing is getting better by the day.

Which is why there’s no question that we can come out the other side of this situation smarter, stronger, and better equipped to handle whatever challenges we might face next, no matter their size or complexity.

So, with that, let’s get started. Download How to Safely Reopen the Workplace now. Chapter 1, which focuses on the work that needs to be done in order to get the ball rolling, begins on page 5.

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