/ When Geeks Tweet: Domopalooza Highlights

Last week, Marshawn Lynch threw signed footballs into a standing-room-only crowd at Domopalooza 2015.

And that was before the party started.

Whether you showed up early for sold-out bootcamp classes and a swanky welcome reception, or arrived Wednesday morning to hear Josh James announce a massive round of funding ($200 million) a jaw-dropping valuation ($2 billion), and unveil Domo’s business management platform to the world, Domopalooza was a conference unlike any other.

With more than 81 million impressions of #domopalooza on Twitter, the hype never stopped. That’s a lot of talk to whittle down into a single blog post, so take a gander at the highlights!

On Tuesday, Domo experts offered technical training to customers in bootcamp sessions.

Wednesday brought big announcements in trademark Domo style.

Nobody answers questions like Beast Mode answers questions.

And then Sheryl Sandberg took the stage and blew our minds.

After seeing real-time demos on stage, people started geeking out.

Executives and customers took center stage at breakout sessions throughout the afternoon.

And then it was time to palooza. Robin Thicke, Ludacris, and Kid Ink brought down the house in the most epic of Wednesday nights.

Thursday got off to a great start with the man behind Moneyball: Billy Beane. Some say he looks like Brad Pitt.

Domo’s president took the stage (with his flowing locks) to challenge Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings to a battle of wits.

If the idea of watching a presentation on data makes you want to fall asleep, you’ve never seen one by Jer Thorp.

Specialized training kept the breakout sessions buzzing.

For some, there was just too much awesome to handle.

But no rest for the weary: Friday was SKI DAY!

In the end, people left Domopalooza invigorated and educated.

And those who couldn’t make it this year are already planning ahead.

See you in 2016! March 21-24. It’s on.

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