/ What in the Wordle? The viral word game, by the numbers

By now you’ve seen them, on Twitter and Facebook—strange-looking posts that are pretty much just a bunch of gray, yellow, and green boxes. If an entire row of boxes is green, and that row is among the top four rows in the grid, then the post probably also includes a self-congratulatory comment of some kind.

Welcome to Wordle. The daily word game that has become a cultural phenomenon since being released to the public in October 2021 presents an interesting opportunity. A large number of people play the game and post their results on social media. A Twitter bot aggregates the results that people post on Twitter, giving us access to some fun data to play with.

And play with it we have, by creating a Wordle dashboard that offers stats on various aspects of game. Take a look below to see just how popular the game is, which day proved easiest for contestants (thus far), and if any trends are developing.

Keep in mind that the data below only represents people who choose to post their results on any given day.

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