/ What Customer Experience Apps Can Do for Your Business

What do ESPN, a major American drugstore chain, and an international automotive parts manufacturer have in common? They all use apps to understand and serve their customers better.

What apps do they use, how do they use them, and what did it take to develop them?

Those will be among the questions answered Wednesday, June 18 starting at 11 a.m. MT, when RXA’s Heather Reed and ESPN’s Doug Kramon and Jen Lien take part in “Business Intelligence Beyond the Dashboard: Customer Experience Apps,” the next episode in Domo’s “Get Leverage” webinar series.

After Heather talks about how RXA, a leading Domo implementation and consulting firm, leverages the Domo platform, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and internal and external data sources to enable companies to see what’s being said about them across a variety of channels, she’ll walk listeners through a trio of use cases that underscore the value of consumer conversation monitoring.

RXA’s chief experience officer will then give way to Doug and Jenn, two key players in ESPN’s customer care division, who will discuss how they work to make the fans’ voice matter and turn “dark data” into actionable insights.

“Our mission, always, is to bring everything that’s being said into one view to get a holistic picture,” said Doug, who spoke on the topic of customer experience at Domopalooza 2020, as well. “And since we’re able to do that, we now know what our competitors don’t, and we can help our customers in the moments that matter.”

While Doug says he and his team were able to use their solution during The Last Dance—a 10-part series about Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls that aired this spring and ranks as the most-watched documentary ever on ESPN—he admits that the most compelling and important cases for them are live events, such as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitions, for example.

In addition to learning why that is, webinar participants will receive guidance from all three customer-service experts on how to find patterns in data, and how to deliver transformational, customer-service improvements by connecting systems.

“In this day and age, you’ve absolutely got to be able to catch the blips on the radar before they turn into large issues,” Doug said. “To do that, you first need to be able to bring real-time insights to all parts of an organization, and that requires a powerful form of user-friendly technology.”

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