/ What Business Leaders Hate About Big Data

Report Frequency & Accessibility: What They Get vs. What They Want

Across the board, execs say they want reports more frequently than they’re getting them (1 in 5 only get an updated view of their sales pipeline once a month). Still, 70% of survey respondents revealed that they still lack real-time access to their most important information.

The Real-Time Data Access Gap

The Aberdeen Group survey reveals that real-time BI adopters are more than twice as likely to track and compare the organization’s performance with corporate strategy. Our survey confirms that business leaders are anxious to get more real-time reports than they currently have, and that insights on their sales pipeline and customer satisfaction top the list of their priorities. Still, no more than 1/4 of them indicated a preference for real-time access to any of the core business reports we asked about.

Consider the following graph from BusinessIntelligence.com’s “What Business Leaders Hate About Big Data” survey report (to access the full report, click here):

real-time data access gap

real-time data access gap

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