/ Webinar to Reveal Why AI Is Vital to Retailers’ Survival

No one can argue that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into just about every industry under the sun. But as many businesses look to get safely back to their normal way of working, companies in the retail industry must first consider the fact that the way people shop will never be the same.

That’s Tom Stanek’s educated belief. Stanek is the president of RXA, a leading Domo implementation and consulting firm that has serviced more than 7,000 retail locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. And from his observation deck, there’s no question that the retail industry’s metamorphosis just picked up an enormous amount of speed.

“The traditional brick-and-mortar retail industry has been evolving for well over a decade,” Stanek recently said. “However, COVID-19 and the repercussions from it are like nothing we have ever seen. It’s going to take a new way of thinking and operating in order to survive.”

Stanek will explain exactly why he feels that way Tuesday, May 19, at 11 a.m. MT, when he joins Domo vice president of data curiosity Ben Schein for a 45-minute webinar titled “Weather the Storm and Come Back Stronger with AI-Powered Labor Optimization.”

As the title suggests, the webinar will focus on artificial intelligence—and specifically, the role it can play alongside other data science techniques in helping retailers accurately predict consumer demand, harmonize employee scheduling, and, in turn, thrive in a whole new era.

After Schein shares examples of how Domo customers are leveraging what assets they have to successfully respond to disruptions the COVID-19 crisis has presented, Stanek will lay out the data points retailers should be looking at right now and the steps they can take in order to navigate these unprecedented times.

He’ll also talk about RXA’s partnership with Belle Tire, a century-old brand that is using AI-powered, workforce-optimization tools to great effect.

“Retailers should no longer be asking themselves, ‘Should we use AI and ML (machine learning) technologies?’” Stanek said. “They should be asking, ‘How can we leverage those technologies to curate solutions that will have the most impact on our business?’”

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