/ Webinar preview: 3 questions with an augmented BI expert

Because augmented BI platforms go beyond reporting, querying, data visualizations, and basic descriptive and diagnostic analytics to deliver actionable insights to business professionals, there’s no doubt they will drive the next era of business.

Just ask Boris Evelson. Forrester Research’s vice president and principal analyst has been studying the BI space for years, and if there’s one thing the author of The Forrester Wave™: Augmented BI Platforms Q3 2021 report believes it’s that organizations stand to become more agile, adaptive, and resilient with augmented BI.

“Future success is likely to be dependent on striking that balance between governance and agility,” Boris said, “and that’s really what the best augmented BI platforms allow for.”

In lead-up to Domo’s Oct. 19 webinar featuring Boris—titled, Level Up Your Analytics Strategy with Augmented BI—I asked him three pointed questions related to the aforementioned report and augmented BI. Here’s how he answered.

Question 1 – How should today’s data leaders be adapting their strategy for an era of augmented BI?

Boris: “There are a few things they could be doing, but I’d start with boosting investments in clean, trusted, integrated data and a rich semantic layer as core foundational components of augmented BI.

“The expected benefits of augmented BI—deeper data-driven insights and further democratization of enterprise data—may actually backfire if more enterprise decision-makers get access to these powerful analytical tools and applications based on poorly integrated data and data of questionable quality. As for what else I’d suggest, I can’t wait to share those tips during the webinar.” 

Question 2 – Why is translytical low-code app development such an important piece of the solution?

Boris: “Adaptive enterprises demand a constant stream of data and analytics to feed their insights-driven business capabilities and continuously improve customer journeys and operations from end to end. And decision-makers at these businesses need data and analytics now—not tomorrow, when it’ll be too late.

“That’s where low-code application development platforms come in. These platforms can be used to build apps significantly faster than coding them, and engage the business and empower developers outside of central IT.”

Question 3 – What augmented BI capabilities do data leaders need to consider to align to centralized and decentralized models?

Boris: “Neither extreme works. And finding the perfect middle ground between centralized and decentralized models is a challenge. But it is possible. Forrester recommends taking the Goldilocks approach to data and analytics models and governance: not too little, not too much, but just right.”

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