/ Walking the exhibit floor at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Last week, Gartner held one of its Data and Analytics conferences in Orlando with many vendors (including Domo) exhibiting. My colleague, Domo Chief Data Officer Mohammed Aaser, and our partner Juan Sequeda from data.world decided that they would try to write down every vendor tagline they saw on the exhibit floor at the conference. They collected a list of 113 taglines from the conference and that makes for a very interesting small set of data.

Not surprisingly, “data” was the most popular keyword showing up 90 times across the 77 different taglines. Analytics showed up in 18 different taglines. There were 239 words which only appeared once in any tagline (we did go ahead and exclude basic words like “the”, “a”, “from”, etc.). You can explore the list of taglines below and search for specific keywords.

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