/ Visualize this: Charts that reveal preferred ‘viz’ types

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big believer in using data to understand data. And with so many people now using Domo, there’s an awful lot of data that can be used to understand those users. So for this post, we’re taking a look at what types of data visualizations are most popular among Domo users.

As the interactive chart directly below illustrates, the most popular type of data “viz” is the table (32%). That doesn’t surprise me. While a table may seem boring, it can be quite useful—and Domo offers lots of ways to format a table so it can also tell a story. And while many people like a good map, such a tool can sometimes be confusing—which is probably why it is among the least used visualizations (less than 1%):

Since Domo has so many customers around the globe, we can also look at how data viz preferences differ by region. In both EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and Japan, vertical bars edge out tables for most used. In APAC (Asia-Pacific), line charts rank especially high:

It’s also fun to look at how various industries are using data visualizations in Domo. As you’ll see in the next chart, Healthcare is the only industry where the vertical bar trumps the table—which happens to be the go-to viz for the Automotive sector (53%). Media, on the other hand, goes with tables less than a quarter of the time:

One thing is for sure: There are lots of options for how to visualize your data in Domo—and ultimately use those visualizations to gain more insight into your business and drive better decisions. Explore viz use on your own by hovering over the various parts of each chart.

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