/ Twitter Roundup: Feb 27 – Mar 4

Here’s a quick look at some of the past week’s intriguing tweets that stretch the way people think about data.

What can we learn from the Sochi Olympics? The winner of the World Cup, of course.

Don’t be fooled—this isn’t a sports post. This is forecasting at its pinnacle. If these guys really could accurately predict the outcomes of the World Cup (that’s soccer, by the way) by analyzing the Winter Olympics (think: slalom, moguls and figure skating), then this is one tweet you can’t miss:


Speaking up, speaking out, making a difference.

BusinessIntelligence.com tweets about the human element behind the data—more specifically, they tweeted about the female element in the big data industry. Rachel Wolfson delivers a one-two punch to anyone who thinks “data scientist” has any gender-specific connotations.


Data just grows and grows and grows and grows and…:

Muhammad shares an infographic that displays, yet again, the physical representation of a purely conceptual part of our society. The infographic isn’t the big news; it’s the incessant growth of data and our voracious appetites for consuming as much of it as we can.


Every renaissance needs a DaVinci.

BusinessIntelligence.com posts, courtesy of GigaOM, about a business intelligence renaissance. And if you’ve been around the BI & analytics block a time or two over the past 10 years, you know we’re in desperate need of redefining—yea, and verily rebirthing—how BI systems function in our organizations.

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