/ Turning loss Into Growth: How Sears Auto Righted The Ship With Domo

Big data. It’s nothing new, and it’s getting bigger by the day (or by the minute), giving companies a crazy amount of information about their business and their customers.

Awesome, right? Not necessarily.

Looking at data without context makes it incredibly easy to misinterpret what the data is saying, and overlook problems that could potentially sink the entire ship.

That’s the exact challenge Sears Auto Center was facing. With a mountain of data and zero context, Sears was practically flying blind. The result was a double-digit deficit sitting on a downhill slope.

Without an understanding of the root of the problem, Sears Auto Centers could have chosen one of a hundred Band-Aid solutions, but they wouldn’t have righted the ship—only stopped it from sinking quite so quickly. So how could they uncover the root of the problem? It was in their data—somewhere.

Enter Domo. By implementing Domo, Sears Auto Center was able to see their organization’s data in contenxt, in real-time. With Domo, they were able to trust what their data was telling them and be able to act on it immediately. The result? They were able to eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks in operations and target their marketing to turn a double-digit deficit into single-digit growth. Now that’s optimization.

Check out the full report from Blue Hill Reporting to learn more about how Domo helped save Sears Auto Center from slumping sales and margins.


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