/ Transparency is the First Step to Recovery

With any good 12-step program, admitting there’s a problem is … well, you know. But when it comes to business intelligence, sometimes that admission is hard to come by.

The problem is that unfettered access to data – especially at the executive level – makes people nervous. Usually the conversation goes something like this: “Don’t send that report to the CEO (or VP or whomever) until I’ve had a chance to review it … just to make sure we’re on the same page.” Sound familiar? A colleague of mine used to work for a major media website, and he encountered this all the time. Real data was discounted if it didn’t pass the manager’s “gut check.”

Thankfully, more and more organizations are taking the opposite approach. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is one Domo customer that has embraced transparency as a way to better and more openly serve its constituents. Check out the agency’s recent blog post about its trademark dashboard project. It’s definitely an encouraging approach.

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