/ Tracking the Coronavirus

Sometimes having data can make us feel in control. But every so often an unexpected event or nano-sized virus comes along and reminds us that we are not.

While data is a vital part to running a successful company, it’s now become a crucial part to understanding and responding to the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic.

Almost overnight, the pandemic has become a story whose rapid emergence and impact challenges us on many levels. From an information perspective, we must wrangle large amounts of diverse data in creative ways to help us begin to see the extent of this novel threat.

At Domo, our business is data. We help our customers—some of the biggest companies on the planet—quickly gather and understand data so they can move faster as teams or organizations.

Last week Domo put together a coronavirus research team to help curate, shape, and chart available data from the most trusted sources, such as the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, and the CDC.

The data is being updated many times a day so you can explore the growing pandemic from a global level—right down to a particular state or province. As the situation changes, we’ll make sure that the Coronavirus Tracker responds as needed.

We are also providing the tools to embed the entire page or any of the charts for use on your site. So, please consider using us or sharing with those who might find this resource useful.

We’ve seen through what’s happening globally with this virus outbreak that taking quick action can improve overall outcomes. And, timely and accurate information is essential.

Hopefully, by using data like this we can help you stay better informed and empowered to make better decisions or learn more. You can view the Coronavirus Tracker here.

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