/ 3 years in outlook at Domo

When I hit my three-year anniversary at Domo, I was thinking of a way to capture these crazy (and amazing) three years of my career.  It dawned on me that Domo has a connector to retrieve information from your Microsoft Exchange account including e-mails and calendar invites.  I thought it would be interesting to capture a slice of my three-plus years at Domo through this data. 

After a little bit of cleaning (I removed e-mails and invites from my wife in full transparency), the numbers show I have received more than 85,000 e-mail messages and over 5,000 calendar invites.  And the trend did tick up significantly at the start of COVID in March 2020.  Looking at some of the key words in my e-mails, it was heartwarming to see “data” towards the top in the word cloud below.  And not surprisingly, “Zoom” is one of the top keywords in my calendar invites.  What do you think your data would show? 

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