/ Three Trends in Business Intelligence

The Garnter Business Intelligence Summit is just starting and the anticipation is growing on Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites. Though big data is the main buzz, three other BI pain points stand out as hot topics: cloud, mobile, and the user experience.

According to Gartner, the reign of the personal computer is coming to an end and the personal cloud will replace the personal computer by the year 2014, and the National Inflation Association predicts cloud computing to become a $150 billion market by 2013. This shift will impact an organization’s business intelligence strategy and performance solution. As cloud and SaaS solutions continue to boom, a big consideration for an organization and its IT team is how to approach this impending wave.

No one understands the explosion of mobile better than the business user. The daily desktop now consists of at least three platforms—tablet, smartphone and PC—and the lines among them are blurring. Additionally, tablets are becoming workhorses not just show ponies especially among the sales team. Mobile makes it easy to access reports and platforms on the go, and mobile BI improves employee productivity, increases employee engagement, and hastens decision-making.

In the business intelligence, space, we are challenged with the goal of engaging customers in new ways. Gartner estimates that no more than 20% of business users actually use BI proactively. Enhancing the user experience is not just about generating greater employee productivity. It’s about the user and the application, and the user and the enterprise itself. A business intelligence platform should make it easier for employees to solve problems and the user experience can be a BI roadblock if ignored or not designed with a bit of magic.

What do you think will emerge as the latest trend for the business intelligence world? Stay tuned as we cover the Gartner BI Summit.

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