/ The Top Domo Tweeters Revealed

Today we posted some eye candy on how we’re progressing with the #domosocial experiment. We’ll update this several times each week with fresh data. You can see it here.

In our first look, I’m happy to report that we’re gaining traction. One of our group goals was to double our collective followers and friends across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We’re slightly ahead of schedule.  Of the 25-plus apps we’re using in the experiment, Klout is surprisingly the one we are tweeting most about this week. Foursquare is in a distant second.

What you won’t see in this infographic is the behind-the-scenes competition going on for the Most Net New Followers. If you look at the first leaderboard, @jaredconley is in first place. The buzz in the hallways is that he’s out to win the $10K at all costs. He’s going for quantity, ignoring quality. I haven’t checked who or how he’s gotten such a jump on everyone else — but it’s likely he’s a master of #teamfollowback. One of our interns @ethereale also made the leaderboard and he’s proving that you can grow a following based on quality. He has built his community around his interest in music. It will be fun to see how this all plays out.

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