/ The Status Quo is Costing You Money

There’s a lot of gravity in business sometimes.

Take reporting. Every job requires some measure of reporting – and although the process we use today might be manual, tedious and time-consuming, we often stick with it because it’s comfortable and we assume that a better solution will be too expensive, too complex or even too successful.

We have this conversation a lot with prospective customers. Often, they’re hesitant to give up their static spreadsheets and PDFs because a dynamic executive management platform will certainly bust their budget. Of course, the irony is that those organizations almost always end up saving money using an automated solution. That was certainly the case for a Fortune 50 conglomerate we worked with recently. By deploying an executive management platform to replace a 50-page manual report that required 10 hours each week to compile from 12 different data sources, this company is saving much more than the cost of the platform. We’ll post the savings amount here when we officially launch the product. So stay tuned to see how much changing your habits can save you.

What’s your experience? How are you tackling reporting today, and do you think the status quo is actually costing you money?

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