/ The Only Feature that Matters

Domo just wrapped up a week at the Infosys Connect conference – a global gathering of Infosys consultants, Global 2000 customers and industry analysts – where our company was a platinum sponsor. The week featured all the themes you would expect, from cloud computing to mobility, but when it came to business intelligence (another hot topic), the name of the game was differentiation.

I talked to a number of Infosys consultants representing large global companies who were eager to understand what made Domo different from all the other vendors in the space; and more importantly, why their clients would want to invest in yet another tool. What’s interesting is that all the BI buzzwords – scalability, any data source, any device, in-memory analysis, etc., etc. – only left them looking more confused, because virtually every BI vendor is telling the same story and touting the same value.

So what’s the difference then? Just two words: user experience. Only when we’d walk those consultants over to a demo of the Domo UI would the light come on. It’s easy to hide behind the buzzwords, but the user experience doesn’t lie. Either it’s intuitive or it’s not. Either it’s breathtaking or it’s not. In the end, that user experience is the only differentiator that really matters. And it’s the very thing BI has ignored for decades. Well, as the folks at Connect found out, that’s all about to change…

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