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Over the past decade, social media has grown from an experimental medium into an essential tool for just about any company that connects with consumers online. Today, brands use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to execute on a wide variety of marketing and public relations goals—from answering customer complaints and sharing corporate news to running ad campaigns and engaging with influential public figures.

But with so many different brands competing for attention these days, it’s no longer enough for businesses to merely have great content. In order to stand out, social marketers need in-depth metrics that can help them understand what is and isn’t connecting with their followers. Then, and only then, can these companies optimize their messaging for an increasingly crowded marketplace.

While social media platforms do give brands some information about their activity, Domo’s Social Media QuickStart apps make it easier than ever for companies to monitor results in real-time and compare their current success to past performance. With these four data visualization tools, you’ll have all the information you need to deliver the right message for every platform.

Here, we’ll take a look at all the ways Domo’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Ads QuickStart apps can help companies drive social media results.

Instagram QuickStart helps you track the trends that matter.

The Instagram QuickStart app is a valuable tool for understanding how your Instagram performance has changed over time. Shortly after plugging in your accounts, you’ll see a series of real-time dashboards that shed light on how much content you’re posting and how many likes and comments those posts are generating. In fact, the app even uses data forecasting to tell you how many likes and comments you’re on pace to have by the end of a given period.

Instagram Analytics

With this information, social marketers and other stakeholders can quickly understand their Instagram performance, allowing them to make changes when things aren’t headed in the right direction. For instance, if a recent decision to focus on product photos has led to a decline in likes-per-post, you might decide to turn things around with a strategic shift.

Facebook QuickStart offers in-depth insight into how people interact with your content.

Social Media Dashboard

The Facebook QuickStart app provides detailed information surrounding key metrics like net page fans, trending posts, post reach, and page engagement. Crucially, the app breaks down this information by age and location, giving you a full cross-section of your Facebook audience.

In addition, Facebook QuickStart’s real-time dashboards are the perfect tools for turning your Facebook fans into full-fledged brand advocates. As an example, if you notice that your brand is gaining traction in the U.K., you can encourage this trend by creating new content with Brits in mind. Or, if you see a decrease in the engagement you’re getting from young people, you can try altering your game plan to appeal to their interests.

Facebook Ads QuickStart empowers you to optimize campaign performance in real time.

Facebook Ads Dashboard

Facebook Ads QuickStart gives brands an up-to-the-minute breakdown of how their Facebook campaigns are performing. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see how your reach, engagement, and cost-per-click metrics have fluctuated over the course of your campaign. As a result, you’ll have a much better understanding of who your ads are reaching, how engaging your creative is, and what your ads are costing you.

Most importantly, these real-time insights will allow you to get the absolute most out of your campaign budget. For instance, if you’re enjoying a relatively low cost-per-click among users aged 18–24, you can quickly shift spend toward these consumers before you’ve exhausted your budget on more expensive audiences. Meanwhile, if your engagement metrics are lower than what you’re used to, it may be time to change up your creative units.

Twitter QuickStart sheds light on your best tweets and your most powerful influencers.

Twitter Dashboard

The Twitter QuickStart app is a one-stop shop for your most important Twitter data. By taking a glance at the app’s real-time dashboards, you’ll be able to identify the most powerful influencers who are engaging with your brand and the most popular tweets you’ve sent out during a given timespan. In addition, the app provides insight into all the key metrics underlying your performance, including reach, retweets, mentions, and together, Twitter QuickStart’s data visualizations empower brands to create more sophisticated Twitter strategies. By examining your most popular tweets, you’ll be able to identify patterns that will allow you to reverse-engineer your viral hits. Likewise, keeping tabs on your most influential followers will go a long way toward boosting your reach. If you notice that a particularly influential user regularly posts about your brand, you can try contacting them about a mutually beneficial partnership.

While each of the social media QuickStart apps offers a unique experience, all four share a common goal: helping Domo customers get more out of their social data. With granular insights, intuitive data visualizations, and real-time updates, Domo’s social media QuickStart suite will have you making smarter business decisions in no time.

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