/ Six Fantasies That Executives Have About Big Data and the Things They Said When Their Dreams Came True

Big data—the very thing that sustains us—is killing us. Like bacon.

Business leaders are losing sleep over how to make their data work for them. The things they wish they could do seem to be mere fantasies.

This, of course, is where Domo comes in.

Here are six big data scenarios that most leaders in the business world think are impossible, but what real-life executives can testify are now realities thanks to Domo.

Fantasy #1:

I sit at my desk, turn on my computer and see data from all the systems I care about in one place.

“As CEO, I have to look data from finance, sales, inventory, purchasing, etc. Domo puts all that in one place, so I can check whatever I want whenever I want. I no longer have to wait for individual employee reporting — those days are over.”

– CEO, Bohme

“We track operations, finance and marketing on their own tabs in Domo. It would be very difficult to keep those three things in balance without being able to bring all those metrics into one location. Now everybody on the team is on the same page.”

– COO, Scrum Inc.

Fantasy #2:

When I want an updated report, I just click a button to see real-time information instead of waiting around for IT to build it for me.

“In a matter of seconds, we can organize our data into visualizations that answer our business questions, clear as day. Before Domo, we wouldn’t have even bothered to ask a lot of those questions. Finding the answers was just too cumbersome and painful.” – President, WhippleHill

“It’s just easy. There’s no middleman. There are no hoops that people have to go through in order to see the data they want to see. You just log in and it’s right there. You can look at it whenever you want.” – Director of BI, RelayRides

Fantasy #3:

When I’m at home or on the road, I can get the same access to my data wherever I want using my mobile device.

“With Domo, I can do a quick check on where we stand on my iPhone or iPad in an instant. That’s huge.” – COO, Scrum Inc.

“I love that I can monitor our business updates in real-time on my mobile device. Since we’re a very fast-paced company, I need to be able to see what’s going on and react to things immediately.” – COO, Metro-West

Fantasy #4:

I walk into a meeting with my team and hear only one version of the truth.

“Gaining access to all our hard-earned data, and having the confidence that it’s correct, was a real priority for us. Domo gave us exactly what we were looking for and helped improve our ability to make data-driven decisions.” – COO, Imperial Management Corporation

“Domo gets us the information we need faster than ever before. We don’t hesitate to base our decisions off the data in Domo because we know it’s accurate and it’s current.” – CTO, Platinum IDS

Fantasy #5:

When I log in to view my data, I can navigate everything on my own and I don’t need anyone to explain it to me.

“The Domo technology is incredible. All the other BI solutions we came across looked antiquated by comparison.” – COO, Metro-West

“The design of the platform is fantastic. It’s definitely the easiest to use and the best looking one that I saw of any solution out there.” – Director of BI, RelayRides

Fantasy #6:

I can sleep easy knowing I have access to all the information I need in order to make informed decisions tomorrow.

“Domo gives our team a way to express key data points to each other and to talk about them, expose them and publish them. Our executive team is making better decisions with better information, rather than being forced to follow gut instinct.” – President, WhippleHill

“Domo gives us the ability to make good decisions based on real data that’s available on demand. The impact of that is almost infinite.” – CTO, Platinum IDS

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