/ Show Me A Sign…..A HUGE ONE, THANK YOU!

As a tech company CEO, I look for certain signs to tell me whether or not we are on track.

One thing I’m always asking of our sales team is to “show me the money” because I’m a big believer that renewals and expanded customer relationships are near perfect indicators that we are helping our customers make money.

Every now and then, I’ll say more quietly, “Show me a sign.”  And every now and then, the universe delivers.

Along these lines, today I’m thrilled to share that eBay is a customer. eBay was one of the first big customers that we announced at Omniture and it is now one of the first big customers we’ve announced at Domo. Some might say this is karma — that the energy we put into helping eBay succeed as an Omniture customer is now coming back to help us at Domo.

Whether this is karma or not, I take it all as a positive sign that we’re on the right track. Being able to work with eBay again is pretty dang cool.

I do know that signs like eBay don’t mystically appear. It takes an entire company working for the right reasons to attract and keep eBay-caliber companies coming back. If you want to know more about how eBay is getting more value with Domo, please check out our press release or customer story.

Our commitment to customer success is why Domo exists. If we continue on this track, I suspect we’ll be seeing many more positive signs soon.

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