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In order to understand and optimize their performance, sales professionals need access to quality, up-to-date data from their customer relationship management (CRM) platform. With the right information, sales managers can identify their most effective employees, sales representatives can project their future revenues, and the entire department can make smarter, faster decisions that maximize profits.

Unfortunately, gathering, and analyzing data from programs like Salesforce can be a time-consuming process, particularly in light of all the other work sales professionals have on their plate. Every hour a salesperson spends cobbling together CRM data is an hour they could have spent searching for leads or communicating with prospective customers.

That’s why we decided to create the Salesforce QuickStart app for the Domo business cloud. With this interactive data visualization tool, sales professionals can monitor and analyze their most important metrics in a matter of minutes.

Salesforce QuickStart provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of the entire sales funnel.

The Salesforce QuickStart app gives salespeople and sales managers a real-time dashboard for evaluating how their team is performing at any given moment. Shortly after connecting your Salesforce information to the app, you’ll be able to view a series of graphs analyzing your organization’s top performers, as well as projected revenues and current sales pipeline. Like all Domo apps, Salesforce QuickStart can be easily customized to track performance over the time period of your choice.

Salesforce Quickstart App

Once you’ve taken a look at the key details presented by the Salesforce QuickStart dashboard, the interactive nature of the app makes it easy to examine your performance in greater detail.

With a few clicks, you can analyze which marketing channels are most responsible for your sales and which states and countries your customers are located in. You can even dive deeper into your sales funnel by evaluating your close rate over time and sorting your open opportunities by what stage of the funnel they’re in.

Shift resources and improve your sales strategy with confidence and speed.

By making high-quality CRM data analysis available on a real-time basis, Salesforce QuickStart empowers sales organizations to identify problems in the sales funnel before they have a negative impact on the bottom line.

For instance, if a sales manager sees that one of their salespeople is closing fewer deals than usual, they can schedule a meeting to discuss areas for improvement. Conversely, a sales rep who has been on a hot streak recently can be called in to share tips with the rest of the team.

Analyzing lead sources and sales funnel activity can be a similarly productive activity. For example, if social media is generating more leads than paid search, you can choose to increase your marketing investment in those channels. Or, if you find that your sales opportunities are breaking down toward the lower end of the funnel, you may decide to start touting different product features in your closing pitch to customers.

Best of all, the examples listed above are just a few of the ways the app can be used to maximize your results. By delivering valuable insights inside an intuitive user experience, the Salesforce QuickStart app gives you all kinds of opportunities to improve your performance—without distracting employees from their most pressing

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