/ Reality Check

When I first heard the idea of the #domosocial experiment, I immediately thought, “Good thing I joined Twitter. Otherwise I may be a lot more behind the times in this meeting.”  I was thinking to myself, “I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, I have a blog, I use several online photo sharing sites and I have at least started the process to be ‘invited’ to Pinterest. I should be okay with this whole #domosocial thing.” As our CEO, Josh James, continued to pull up slides with lists and lists of other sites, businesses and apps, I quickly realized I was kidding myself. I was a baby when it came to being connected socially.

As many around me talked about and joked about being a mayor over an area I felt old school. A mayor?! What do you mean, a mayor of the office, or of the restaurant? I looked at my co-worker next to me and was grateful he was not so sure either. As the conversation went on I realized that there was so much more for me to experience and learn in respect to social media.

I am happy to report that I am much better versed in many topics thanks to this experiment. I used to think Twitter was a place where celebrities would let us all know where they were eating or what movie they just saw (who cares), but I quickly realized that Twitter contains a lot of great information and conversation around technology, business, best practices, etc.

After joining the Domo team and joining Twitter, I quickly realized I was a lot more informed and ‘in the know’ with all things even if I just skimmed over my Twitter feed. Not only do I feel like I am keeping up with the news of the day and the latest opinions, trends and desires of many of my possible customers, I have realized that I appreciate a well thought out app, website or business model. As I have been diving into so many new apps and social outlets, I have realized that many are well thought out and easy to use, while many more are clunking, not intuitive and quite frankly too frustrating to use.

From my own experience with this experiment, I believe I can speak to and understand the needs of a customer, such as myself, when it comes to a user experience and what is expected and needed for me to like a system and want to continue to use it. This kind of knowledge is key in my type of role. I want to be sure all of our Domo customers love their experience and want to tell everyone about it.

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