/ Olympics data fun with DDX Bricks

Back at Domopalooza, we announced a new product feature called DDX Bricks. We here at the Domo on Data blog love playing with new features and technologies, so we decided to give it a test and wanted to share the results with you.

We started thinking of what we wanted to showcase, as there is so much that is possible with DDX Bricks, and we came back to our Olympics Tracker. We love the Olympics and wanted to check out how the Olympics medal counts have changed over time.

Creating the card was extremely easy. It comes with the template and all we had to do was map in the names and values for the bars along with the year and we had a fully functional animated visualization.

For the code-inclined among us, there’s also a javascript editor to make any minor adjustments you would like to make. For the visualization above we only made some minor edits such as slowing down the animation and skipping years where there were no Olympics held (sometimes every 2 years, sometimes every 4 years).

All in all, quite the fun experience that can help bring data to life and help people tell more compelling stories with their data. Look for more DDX Bricks to appear in Domo on Data, and we can’t wait for people to get their hands on this new feature.

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