/ Faster, cheaper, better: Domo replaces custom report module

We held on to our obsolete claims and underwriting system for as long as we possibly could. When it finally became unsupportable, we were given a very tight replacement budget. We hired an outside development firm for the core application work and used Domo throughout the project to monitor performance to stay within budget. But the reporting module was clearly going to be a problem: it needed a full month of custom development work and would tie our own team down in a lengthy specification process.

Use case

Then someone suggested we do the reporting module ourselves, in Domo. Our staff already had a lot of expertise with Domo: our data-as-a-service initiative, loss triangle analysis, and budget tracking tool were all developed in-house and performing well. And Domo has plenty of capabilities that work seamlessly with Microsoft SQL, so accessing the database wouldn’t be a problem.


Our do-it-yourself approach to reporting saved us a full month of developer time—more than $50,000—that we applied to increasing the system’s functionality. And because the new reporting system is automated, we can publish reports daily without tying down staff.

Because these reports are distributed to our board and member states, appearance is critical. Fortunately, Domo has refined the appearance of its tables and graphics so that it takes minimal effort on our part to format them the way we need and look great doing it.

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