/ Ng-conf: The idea that became a sold-out conference

On Thursday, we’re kicking off the very first AngularJS conference in Utah. More than 700 developers from 12 countries—including India and Brazil—are converging on Salt Lake City in a conference that sold out in under 60 seconds. I’d like to tell you about how we made it all come together.

It started with a simple idea—Utah has incredible developer talent. So why not hold a world-class tech conference that showcases the talent we have here? And since we’re all Javascript junkies developers, it had to be an AngularJS conference.

We put together a team that had the know-how and the contacts to pull this thing off. I had previous experience with setting up conferences; others had the AngularJS contacts to bring them in to speak. Our friends at Google tweeted about our conference to their vast audiences, and they (inadvertently, perhaps) lent credibility to our work. Hacker News gave us a shout-out, and word spread from our networks to other networks until the time came to sell some tickets—and see if we had been wasting all our time.

We opened up registration for the first time on September 16 at 12:00. At 12:00:03, all 150 pre-sale tickets for $600 were gone. Three seconds was all it took. We opened up registration again four more times, and each time the story was the same. Our longest registration period for regular tickets sold out in seven seconds. Our beginner’s conference section, which starts today before the conference kickoff, still only took less than four hours to sell out completely.

We were floored. We were beyond stunned. “Stupefied” is probably a good word for it, but it’s still not entirely accurate. We hit the hottest topic with the right people at the right time, and the response has been everything I could have hoped for and more. All I could think was, “The mid- to top-tier developers from throughout the United States, Canada, and across the world are coming here.”

Several of the event organizers are employees here at Domo, but it isn’t a “Domo” event. Lucky for us, we love working here, so we offered Domo the opportunity to become our premier sponsor. Google came in as a sponsor hot on Domo’s heels, and the rest of the sponsors fell right into place almost immediately.

I’m really excited (well, as excited as a developer can get—jumping for joy on the inside, but outwardly just nodding my head and saying “cool”) for this conference. Not only is it going to be highly informative and incredibly fun, but we’re reaching a goal and living a dream. And no matter what else happens, that makes it all worth it.

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